An EU-funded project on the establishment of public-private partnerships in Armenia to address flood risks that stem from water and mine dam failures.

ALTER Project Launched

Athens, Greece — The Alliance for Risk Reduction (ALTER) project had its kickoff meeting at the National Observatory of Athens (ΝΟΑ) on February 12-13, 2018.

The ALTER project focuses on establishing public-private partnerships to address flood risks that may stem from water and mining dam failures.

Know-how, technologies and experience from the European Union will be transferred to Armenia. Activities will stress the importance of full cooperation between local communities, non-governmental organizations, government ministries, and private-sector companies. The project’s duration is 24 months and is co-financed by the European Union’s Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection Directorate.

The project partners include:

  • NOA’s Institute of Geodynamics (Lead Partner)
  • European University of Cyprus’ Centre of Excellence in Risk and Decision Science
  • Bulgarian Academy of Science’s Center for National Security and Defense Research
  • AUA Center for Responsible Mining
  • Armenia’s National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (known by its Armenian acronym ARNAP)

For updates on the project visit the project website: under construction).

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