An EU-funded project on the establishment of public-private partnerships in Armenia to address flood risks that stem from water and mine dam failures.

Field Exercises Continue In Akhtala

On November 1, 2019, ALTER Partners along with public and private sector collaborators in Akhtala continued small scale exercises for training and preparation in the case of an earthquake and dam failure. The exercise featured a mining rescue operation as well as the evacuation of the local kindergarten. Partners also toured the Mets Ayrum Tailing Management Facility and observed the restoration actions under way there.

Partners were very pleased with the collaboration of local actors, particularly the good working relationship between the mine, local municipality, and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. It is a good indicator of future success and the eventual signing of a memorandum of understanding for future collaboration.

Below are videos and pictures of the operations. Further media will be available later this week.

Evacuation of Kindergarten:

Rescue Operation at the Shamlugh Mining Facility:

Restoration Operation at Mets Ayrum Tailings Dam: